Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring at Le Petit Trianon

It was Spring today. It must have been! I felt it in my bones. I felt it in the slight breeze and shining light of the normally shy English sun. Ok, well, it may still be a little too nippy for Spring, but it's a sign, right? It's just around the corner, waiting to be asked to come out and play...

Yesterday, however, I was feeling very un-spring like as I had my first real migraine and thus spent the day cooped up with the blinds shutting away the wretched [for my head] sun, watching & napping through some of my favorite films. I watched Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette and was particularly enamored this time around with the scenes depicting Marie Anoinette's idyllic time at Le Petit Trianon. The soundtrack: tweeting of birds and the rustle of leaves, the costumes: white dresses and rosy cheeks and the background: sun, flowers, Spring pure and simple. It made me, despite my couch-ridden state, dream of days to come that I imagine will be spent frolicking in white dresses.

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