Friday, March 27, 2009

sometimes Bullets are all that will do

This outfit incorporates all of my favorite things at the moment, to be told in bullet form to avoid run-on sentences (I'm feeling a bit long-winded today, and apologize in advance):
  • My white rabbit brooch: nicknamed so because it reminds of the White Rabbit, who constantly has to check the time, and while my boyfriend has his signature pocket watch, I have my brooch.
  • My new secondhand striped dress: my newest etsy purchase acquired from one of the loveliest sellers out there, Harbour District Vintage
  • My secondhand Laredos that have been patiently waiting in a box back in Massachusetts since I bought them in February off of eBay for $10. It took me a while to convince my mother to send heavy boots all the way to London (something the seller would not do) but she caved and even threw in a whole ziploc bag of Splenda (my white stuff). I've been wearing them nonstop since getting them last week. (ps. I have to thank one of my favorite bloggers, Ringo, for posting on her own search for Justin Roper boots a bit ago...I only had an idea of what I wanted but didn't know any brands to search for, and had been constantly searching for "toe-fringe boots", which didn't end up too well. A week after her post, I found my boots! Although I didn't end up with Justins, I am very happy with my find)
  • Last but not least, my floppy hat! Something that I wear constantly inside, a little too afraid to wear outside, but venture outside I did (if only for a moment, the wind, made it impossible to wear).
Phew! That was quite the outfit round-up! A little exhausting (and exhaustive) but there you go...


viola said...

too cute!

sprky said...

great outfit... love the boots... is that fringe I see. I think it is.

Love the bullet breakdown too. very succinct