Sunday, February 7, 2010

Throw on

(top: bona drag, middle: turned out, bottom: asos)

Dresses: truly, the simplest form of dressing . Throw on. Grab some shoes. Done. Course all sorts can be done to spruce up a dress, accessories, sweaters, etc., etc., but when you have the right dress, there is very little extra needed. I am currently enjoying the idea of the nightie-as-dress - not in a Courtney Love 90s slip sort of way - but rather in the Victorian nightgown sort of way. The dress at the top by Lonely Hearts reminds me of that sort of thing, and my mind began to fester more on the subject when I saw this New Zealand gal on turned out, who wears vintage nighties to the beach - quite the perfect cover up. Then I found this very Edwardian looking dress on ASOS, and I was convinced. The last one is a little too twee for me with the bow and all, but all this got me thinking....

I have a long nightie at the back of my closet - 'my granny nightie' as I lovingly think of it (and others besmirchingly call it), and...well, folks, granny I will have to be, because this summer, if I don't have the gumption to wear in the city, it'll certainly be my go-to beach companion.

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