Tuesday, December 1, 2009

small comforts

I think I might be under house arrest. Informally, of course, but the combination of fucking cold rainy weather and the burden of deadlines has made venturing outside a rare occasion. But there are little things, small indulgences that are getting me through the increasingly shorter days. I'll make it through by staring idly at my new you-study-so-hard-you-deserve-them boots, consuming dubious amounts of coffee and homemade fudge (that travelled all the way across the Atlantic just for me), and adding some Christmas cheer to the house in the form of a mini poinsettia, the lovely poisonous plant of the holiday season. No cabin fever here...as long as I don't confuse the flower for the fudge, I'll be all set.

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shamblebaby said...

beautiful pictures. wow.